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Welcome Fall '17 Alpha Etas!


This past week we hosted our very first reveal, formally introducing our Fall 2017 Exclusiv Alpha Etas!

#157 Jenna *ceasefire* Chung

Big Sis: #147 Sylvia *nirvana* Pak

#158 Corinne *FiNESSE* Esteban

Big Sis: #146 Stephanie *TRiGGER* Lu

#159 Grace *absinthe* Kau

Big Sis: #138 Theresa *mimosa* Nguyen

#160 Saphrinna *P'rodigy* Phin

Big Sis: #143 Tenzin *Letha'l* Tsepel

Because of their hard work and perseverance, we are so proud to finally call these 4 girls our sisters, and we cannot wait for them to uphold the values and traditions that our organization has instilled in them in everything that they do. While I'm sure we were already electrified by their Exclusiv reveal, there is no doubt that they will continue to exceed expectations and represent their letters with pride. We are so very excited to see how these lovely ladies help make a change for the better in the university, the community, and beyond.

We would like to extend a huge thank you and congrats to our lovely Fall 2017 New Member Educator, Alyssa *moonshine* Chou! You have worked so hard in helping these girls grow, ultimately allowing them to be the independent women they are now.

With a successful end to the year, it is only fitting that we start big next year! Expect to hear a lot of things from Psi chapter!

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