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Read about life after graduation from our very own alumnae network!

                             #19 Judy *Snapple* Ko
                            Alpha Class Spring 2001
                            Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


Sisterhood truly did not end when I graduated from Rutgers. Instead of academic events, Breast Cancer Awareness walks and social events, I'm attending engagement parties, weddings, housewarmings and baby showers. It's moments like these that make me look back and know that pledging for Rutgers aKDPhi was one of the best decisions of my life. I'm blessed to have been pledged by sisters that I can respect and look up to and I’m blessed to have pledged younger girls that I really grew to love and even worry about as if they were my very own family. I don’t believe that Rutgers aKDPhi is for just any girl out there who wants to join a sorority... which is why this chapter's sisterhood is so much more special and genuine. The sisters that were chosen and rightfully earned these letters are that much more SPECIAL and GENUINE. And it is because of this sorority, which allows me the opportunity to form and strengthen my friendships with a handful of girls, all of whom eventually became my family... my heart.

                            #49 Vickey *cosmic* Tsai Ling
                            Zeta Class Spring 2004
                            Health Strategy Consultant, Accenture

It was so hard to write this testimonial because how do you explain something that means everything to you? aKDPhi has been the source of a lot of my successes, and failures, and because of that I have become a better, more mature, and experienced person. It is through aKDPhi that I learned how to be a leader, how to make the right mature decisions, patience, and perseverance. All of these characteristics that I have developed through and because of aKDPhi have helped me to advance myself both academically and in my personal life. I appreciate aKDPhi everyday and think of my sisters constantly; they have grown to be such a large part of my life and my heart. Many of my supervisors at work comment on my level of hard work, team work, and dedication and it is that to which I owe aKDPhi so much. Still, between our busy schedules and personal lives, we find time every day, week, month, and year to give back to the sorority and sisterhood we cherish so much. It is a level of sisterhood, friendship, and service for life that starts the day you begin your journey and never ends.

                          #105 Anna *Velour* Wu
                          Tau Class Spring 2011
                          Litigation Specialist, 

                          Stern, Lavinthal & Frankenberg, LLC

This sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi, has given me more than I could have ever imagined. I was really drawn by the confidence each sister possessed. The women of this great organization are independent, strong-willed, and intellectually driven. They are women that younger generations of women can look up to for guidance. Our alums work for a variety of distinguished companies from Ernst & Young to Tommy Hilfiger. I knew I wanted this type of success for myself. These women pushed me to be a better version of myself at the end of the day. I learned so much from my experiences as an active sister. I made lifelong friendships that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  

                           #36 Debbie *Pearl* Nguyen
                           Gamma Class Fall 2002
                           Schering-Plough Corporation,
                           Human Resources

aKDPhi is and always will be a big part of who I am. Through the years, my experiences with aKDPhi have been memorable, special, and developmental. It has helped me grow into a well-rounded, strong, independent individual and professional in the corporate world. I have made great strides in my career because of the talents that aKDPhi brought out in me. Most importantly of all, aKDPhi has given me lifelong friends that I can go through life with.

                           #43 Jessica *8-Ball* Kwong
                           Zeta Class Spring 2004
                           Chemical Analyst, QTI/Intertek


aKDPhi rocked my socks! Haha no, but to be very honest, aKDPhi did not open doors for me, it opened one door, and that was the door to my inner self, and inner strength. The whole experience, every minute of it has helped me realize who I truly am. When you dedicate yourself to something so amazing and grand you don't have time to civilities and chit chat, the truth and the whole truth comes out and that is when you see yourself in your true light, and I'm AWESOME!

                          #54 Soo *Kamikaze* Kim
                          Theta Class Spring 2005
                          Pier Conference Group

As a graduate, many people think that with the end of college life also comes the end of sorority life. As an alum now, I can say that this is both true and false. No, I do not get to see my lovely sisters on a daily basis anymore. No, I am not as available to attend academic/philanthropic/social events anymore. And no, I do not have an active hand in what is planned anymore. But I can say I have this: I have love, I have support, and I have sisters. And that’s what this sorority is all about. Despite geographical changes and despite life changes, I have that constant. I have THEM. Through letter, phone, e-mail, they are only a moment's notice from me. And as an alumna, to realize I still have that and that I forever will, only strengthens the love I already have for alpha Kappa Delta Phi.

If you are an alumna of Rutgers aKDPhi and you wish to submit a testimonial, please feel free to contact any active sister.

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