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        Hello and warm regards! The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. at Rutgers University would like to take the time to introduce you to our organization. First and foremost, a sorority is a group of women who have come together with the goal and mission of shared and common interest. Girls who join a sorority are known as “sisters” of the sorority and are bound by tradition and respect to their fellow sisters. Originally established at the University of Berkeley in California in 1989, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. has become the largest, and one of the oldest Asian Interest sororities with over 9,000 sisters and 65+ chapters across the US and Canada.

        alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. (also known as aKDPhi), was established at Rutgers University in the Spring of 2000 by 13 collegiate women who had a dream of furthering our Asian American heritage and integrating it here at our university. Since then, our chapter has grown to over 200 additional sisters and increases steadily every semester. We pride ourselves in being well educated, culturally diverse, and above all, leaders and role models within our respective communities. aKDPhi breeds girls of high caliber, with great leadership and personality, so that they will be well prepared when they enter the real world.

        Our chapter at Rutgers University has an indisputable reputation for being a hard-working and driven organization here on campus. During every academic year, we focus our efforts on five different areas of interest: Sisterhood, Leadership, Scholarship, Community Service, and Asian Awareness. We take great care in giving back to our community and do so through a variety of annual events such as Breast Cancer Awareness walks, Asian Awareness events, and Academic Programs. 

        One of the great things about becoming a sister is the networking available nationwide. With 65+ chapters and 9 specifically in the North Atlantic Region, alumnae from these chapters offer a myriad of career opportunities from health care, to law, to business and finance. They offer, not only career opportunities in different areas of interest but advice and suggestions in entering those fields as well. Through alumnae, we are able to host career panels, resume workshops, and interview programs. 

        The largest concern we receive from parents is the effect of the activities on one’s schoolwork. Our sorority appoints an academic chair each semester to keep track of and observe each sister’s exams, projects, and grades. aKDPhi hosts weekly study sessions and tutoring are available through sisters, and in this way, our sisters are able to maintain the stellar academic achievements that we have had thus far.

        There are 2 phases an individual will have to go through in order to become a future sister of Rutgers aKDPhi.

  1.         Recruitment: This is a two-week period where your daughter will get to know our sisters and the sorority a little better. During this time, she can see if her desires and goals parallel those of our sorority.

  2.         New Member Education: This is a more in-depth and detailed period throughout the semester, in which your daughter will learn the essential traits and characteristics in becoming a sister and leader within this university and community.

        Once your daughter successfully completes the New Member Education process, she will become an official sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. She will engage in programs, retreats, and activities that will help to further her efforts to mature and develop into a role model.

        We hope that we have answered some, if not, all of your questions concerning our organization. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at any time!


The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Rutgers University -  Psi Chapter

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