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why akdphi?

alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the fastest-growing, largest, and only international Asian-interest sorority with 58 lovely chapters and over 9,000 sisters located across numerous universities around the globe. Thousands of undergraduate and alumnae sisters support the large network of strong and successful women within the sorority. We offer sisterhood, friendship, love, and eternal bonds that will last a lifetime.

what are the benefits?

Becoming a sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi brings many different advantages and experiences, such as:
Connecting you to an amazing group of women in the largest nationwide Asian-interest sorority,
Developing leadership skills through active membership,
Enriching your college experience by participating in community service,
Becoming more culturally aware,
Fostering personal growth among a supportive family of diverse women,
Providing useful aid in various career fields through an international network of alumni,
Creating friendships through sisterhood that will last a lifetime!

do i need to be asian to join?

Absolutely not! Though alpha Kappa Delta Phi is advertised as Asian-interest, it is NOT Asian-only. The sorority does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, age, national origin, or sexual orientation. Any woman who shares similar interests and values is encouraged to join regardless of their own cultural identity.

what is rush?

Rush, also known as recruitment, is a 1.5-2 week period where we, the sisters of Rutgers University Psi Chapter, organize fun social events for you to attend! You can learn what our sorority is all about, our goals, and what our sorority means to us. Even if you're not sure about joining, we highly encourage you to come out! Rush events are always free and non-committal. 

what is a bid and how do i receive one?

A bid is an official invite from the sisters of Rutgers University Psi Chapter to join the sorority! In order to qualify for a bid, it is highly encouraged to attend one informational event and two social events during official Rush. Remember: our events are for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us and the sorority overall. So with that in mind, be yourself and don't be shy! As a reminder, all first-year students are not eligible to receive a bid until the spring semester of their first year.

does akdphi haze?

Both alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Rutgers University have a strict no hazing policy. ​We will never do anything or ask a new member to do anything that would pose threat or harm to them or others. A bid comes with the understanding that we value you as a future sister of our sorority.

still have a question?

Contact our Recruitment Chairs directly at:


Spring 2024 Recruitment Chairs
Janice Fe *Marela* Sonsiadek:
Christina *arcadia* Tran:

Kelly *cielà* Wong:

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