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Welcome Fall '16 Alpha Epsilons!

Alpha Epsilons with their mama Confíancé.

The New Member Process has been successfully completed and we can now unveil to you all our Fall 2016 Effervescent Alpha Epsilon Class! Congratulations to each of our neophytes on completing your NMP's and making it to the other side of this wonderful, everlasting sisterhood. We know in our hearts that you all will make huge contributions to our sisterhood in your unique ways and leave a legacy here at Psi Chapter.

A huge congratulations is due to our hardworking Fall 2016 New Member Educator, #134 Danielle *Confíancé.* Chan. Thank you for taking on this challenging yet pivotal role for our sorority. We couldn't appreciate you enough for properly guiding and mentoring these 5 fine young ladies into our sisterhood. Without you, this journey would have been impossible.

So without further ado, we introduce to you all our Fall 2016 Effervescent Alpha Epsilons!

#148 Sophie *bliss* Chen

Big Sister: #129 Dayla *Morphine* Ly

#149 Audrey *Royale* Kim

Big Sister: #123 Rhea *Valera* Dionora

#150 Vy *Enigma* Le

Big Sister: #123 Rhea *Valera* Dionora

#151 May Theng *Nocturne* Ting

Big Sister: #132 Melody *Reverie* Wang

#152 Suji *Elysian* You

Big Sister: #131 Sharon *Meleé* Qu


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