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Welcome Spring '17 Alpha Zetas!

Alpha Zetas and their fire banner


A successful year is the successful crossing of TWO wonderful classes in an academic year! We are thrilled to announce our Spring 2017 Zoetic Alpha Zetas! These 4 girls have worked so hard these past few weeks to learn about the traditions and values of our organization and we are so proud of all they have accomplished within the semester! We know they will do their best in upstanding our pillars and standards in the university community and beyond!

Can't forget to give a huge shout out to our lovely Spring 2017 New Member Educator, Sharon *Melée* Qu! Thank you so much for working so hard in taking on this challenge and stepping up to the plate to raise these 4 wonderful ladies! We hope they make you as proud as you've made us!

So without further ado, we would like to introduce to you our Spring 2017 Zoetic Alpha Zeta Class!

#153 Frankie *Ambítíon.* Gianiotis

Big Sis: Danielle *Confíancé.* Chan

#154 Almanda *Aftershock* Le

Big Sis: Alice *HPNOTIQ.* Tran

#155 Emlyn *Aurelia* Lee-Schalow

Big Sis: Carley *PrimaBella* Chan

#156 Gabi *intrinsiq* Tran

Big Sis: Jenn *enqore* Tran


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